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Is your computer having issues ? did you tried rebooting it yourself and it’s not working ? To help you understand the more complex underlying principles that are at the basis of why it takes a reboot to make things work again, we’ll start with the symptoms and the most likely basic causes you already know. So First is obviously is the performance, your computer suddenly just started to get super slow and freezes in occasions, why can this happen ? well usually is because you use your computer daily with a few programs running, or lack of space because your are using to much of this, and of course if you are the type of guy that loves to play video games or online gaming you’ll probably need a lot of storage and your computer might freeze if you don’t have the right capacity, you can check elitist gaming for a review of some games that wont damage your software.  You can also get a blue screen where you know there’s something wrong with the hardware, in this moment you won;t be able to do anything by yourself if you don’t have the proper tools.

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