Antivirus solutions


JnJ computers knows what your computer needs…

To keep your system running we are proud to provide custom antivirus solutions for  business and residential customers. We use the latest Anti-virus products to provide solid antivirus and malware protection.  80% of the systems that we work on are infected with some form of virus or malware.  This causes your computer to run slow, reduces productivity, could send personal information to cyber criminals.  We leverage the ability of our two solutions to prevent PC problems and help you be safe when surffing the net.

Is your system already infected? JnJ Computers can help

Virus problems are hard to troubleshoot and cause frustration and put your data at risk.  Let JnJ Computers remove the virus, tune your system and restore the performance you have lost due to rouge software and malicious code. We run multiple scans to insure that your PC is virus free and optimized to its fullest prior to returning your system.  If your system does not boot and you dont have the Windows version that came with your PC, we can backup your old files and recover your Key code to get you back up and running. Dont loose productivity because of malware or a virus. JnJ Computers is committed to your success.

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